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Am I eligible?

With this contact form you can indicate whether you want more information about the trial started in October 2018. A total of 18 patients will be given a Trammpolin meniscu-prosthesis in 3 hospitals in the Netherlands. The study was designed to investigate whether the Trammpolin® meniscal prosthesis is safe and provides pain relief to the inside of the knee where meniscal tissue had previously been removed. 

Please check the participation conditions:
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Please indicate whether or not you prefer a hospital, your request will be sent to the hospital of your choice or, in case of no preference sent randomly to one of the three hospitals. The hospital will keep and use your information to contact you and to discuss the follow up process with you.

Causion: Trammpolin® has not yet been approved by regulatory authorities for commercial sale and may only be used in a clinical study. Moreover, this is a preliminary assessment to determine whether you are eligible to participate in the AIR study, other factors may exclude you from participation; only the orthopedic surgeon who performs the examination will determine your final suitability.

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