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Clinical investigation

The Trammpolin® meniscus prosthesis is an anatomically shaped, non-biodegradable polymer implant designed to mimic the function of the natural medial meniscus by functioning as a shock absorber within the knee joint. The Trammpolin® meniscus prosthesis is implanted by an arthroscopic procedure with a specific surgical instrument set to determine correct meniscus prosthesis size and facilitate proper placement of the meniscus prosthesis with fixation screws.

This procedure is intended for people between 18-70 years of age with persistent knee pain in the medial compartment, who underwent a meniscectomy more than 6 months ago. In addition, patients have limited cartilage damage (less than grade IV modified Outerbridge scale) and a nearly straight leg axis. For a complete set of inclusion/exclusion criteria clinical study (AIR study), see the study at the Dutch TrialRegister under number NL9805 The trial is also registered at under number NCT05297175


Trammpolin® meniscus prosthesis publications

The Trammpolin® meniscus prosthesis has been extensively studied throughout its design and development. Below is a selection of publications on pre-clinical research.

      Vrancken ACT, Hannink G, Madej W, Verdonschot N, van Tienen TG, Buma P. In Vivo Performance of a Novel, Anatomically Shaped, Total Meniscal Prosthesis Made of Polycarbonate Urethane: A 12-Month Evaluation in Goats. Am J Sports Med. 2017 Oct;45(12):2824-2834.

        Vrancken ACT, Eggermont F, van Tienen TG, Hannink G, Buma P, Janssen D, Verdonschot N; Functional biomechanical performance of a novel anatomically shaped polycarbonate urethane total meniscus replacement; Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy (2016), 24:1485-1494

        Khoshgoftar M, Vrancken ACT, Janssen D, van Tienen TG, Buma P, Verdonschot N; The sensitivity of cartilage contact pressures in the knee joint to the size and shape of an anatomically shaped meniscal implant; Journal of Biomechanics (2015), 48(8):1427-1435

        Vrancken ACT, Madej W, Hannink G, Verdonschot N, van Tienen TG, Buma P; Short term evaluation of an anatomically shaped polycarbonate urethane total meniscus replacement in a goat model; PloS One (2015), 10(7):e0133138

        Vrancken ACT, Crijns SPM, Ploegmakers MJ, O’Kane C, van Tienen TG, Janssen D, Buma P, Verdonschot N; 3D geometry analysis of the medial meniscus – a statistical shape modelling approach; Journal of Anatomy (2014), 225(4):395-402

         Vrancken ACT, van Tienen TG, Hannink G, Janssen D, Verdonschot N, Buma P; Releasing the circumferential fixation of the medial meniscus does not influence its kinematics; The Knee (2014), 21:1033-1038

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