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Clinical need

The amount of resected tissue is the main predictor of the onset of osteoarthritis after meniscectomy, thereby increasing the risk for patients who have total meniscectomy.1,2 Consequently, approximately 50% of patients who have total or subtotal meniscectomy develop symptomatic osteoarthritis.1,2 Allografts have been shown to successfully reduce pain and improve knee function in patients with total or subtotal meniscectomy.3 However, their availability is restricted.3 Moreover, meniscal allograft transplantation is generally restricted to patients younger than 50 years, while most meniscectomies are performed in patients over 45 years.4 An implant that is able to obviate these limitations may serve as an alternative to meniscal allografts.

Trammpolin® meniscus prosthesis is an anatomically shaped, solid, nondegradable, polymer implant designed to mimic the function of the native meniscus. The Trammpolin® material is capable of maintaining a fluid film between 2 bearing surfaces, thereby providing a mechanism for lubrication of synovial joints. The Trammpolin® meniscus prostheses can provide full functionality from the moment of implantation and therefore is a potential solution for medial compartment joint pain as a result of loss of meniscus function.5,6,7
Biomechanical models, computer simulations and in-vivo experiments showed similar biomechanical performance as a meniscal allograft for evaluations of tibial contact mechanics, meniscal kinematics, and knee laxity.8

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Trammpolin prosthesis



Key relevant publications 

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