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Clinical study Trammpolin® meniscus prosthesis

Trammpolin® meniscus prosthesis is a completely new implant for the medial compartment of the knee. After meniscus surgery, many patients still suffer from persisting knee pain that can seriously affect their daily lives. Non-surgical treatment can be helpful in addressing these symptoms but Trammpolin® has been developed as a new treatment alternative for patients with persistent knee pain following meniscus surgery.


Trammpolin® has been validated in preclinical studies on biological and technical safety by means of in-vitro and in-vivo testing. Next step is that ATRO Medical is sponsoring a prospective, multi-center, open label, single arm First-in-Man trial (AIR study). The study is started in October 2018 and will enroll 18 patients at up to three centers in the Netherlands. 

The trial is designed to evaluate the safety and performance of the Trammpolin® meniscus prosthesis for pain relief in the medial compartment of the knee due to loss of meniscus function.

Please check whether you are eligible to participate in this study under Am I eligible.

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